Fast response opens new market


From initial enquiry to design, development and completion of order in less than three months, CLCS have, only recently, attracted new clients with their innovative ideas and world class service.

CLCS were contacted in December 2009 by a contractor working on a trial project in New Zealand. There was a local requirement for additional prison accommodation - and the authority had identified a modular system that could be quickly implemented to provide much needed accommodation. However, the locks would require some degree of modification to suit the modular system and local requirements.
From the initial conversation, CLCS designed, approved, manufactured and delivered a batch of 40 locks by February 2010.
The client was delighted with both the level of service and product delivered, and was so impressed that they have now committed to using the new lock, throughout 10-12 planned sites, a total of approximately 400 locks.
Our client focused development, together with our investment in technology, has allowed us to offer this degree of responsiveness and flexibility to win new business through innovation. A combination of industry leading Solidworks modelling, together with our revolutionary 3D prototype printer, has meant that we can drastically reduce project timescales - and expedite manufacturing and implementation.
Further - we can develop 'customer responsive' products that are relevant to the individual application. The 'voice of the customer' is prevalent in all of our product development - and reacting to individual requirements and requests sets us apart from our competitors.
Although this was a relatively small initial project, the outcome clearly demonstrates that providing a world class service, at all project levels, yields ongoing project commitment and reinforces strong client relationships. New Zealand is an especially competitive market place with Australian and American custodial lock manufacturers having a presence, along with CLCS. Providing the correct specification of product in the timescale provided for these fast-track projects is critical to our future in this small but important market.