Police Custody Solutions

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Smaller scale sites demanding the same high levels of security.

Typically, Police custody suites are much smaller than prisons and yet the demands placed on the products are the same, if not more so. Quite often detainees will be locked up whilst under the influence of alcohol or illicit substances. This may result in overly aggressive behaviour directed towards the cells doors and/or locks. There is, therefore, a need for robust locks capable of withstanding the most violent of attacks.

Space can also be an issue and different clients have differing needs from our products. LIsted below are some of the products specifically designed for use within this particular sector. However, they are meant only as a guide and should in no way be seen as a comprehensive or complete listing.

Please contact us directly in order to discuss your individual requirements

CELL LOCKS including, but not limited to: 4L55/6 & 4L78

PASS LOCKS including, but not limited to: 3G112 Mk3 & 3A63