To provide secure deadlocking of sliding doors or gates where a superior level of security is necessary. This lock is specifically designed for very high use applications; typically securing perimeter, internal doors and main access routes.

The 3M222 magnetic lock affords a higher level of security due to the inability to sight read keys. The magnetic key code is impossible to read or duplicate using normal human senses alone or duplicate with standard workshop equipment.


The 3M222 is a mortice hookbolt of robust construction based on the Chubb Locks Custodial Services small mortice footprint.

Twin locking laminated and hardened hooks are used to provide positive engagement in the frame with maximum strength.

The lock provides a single throw only, however, the lock can be configured to work from the following key types: master key only, servant key only or pass key only.

The lock is operable from both sides and the escutcheon is designed to allow only the correct key profile being inserted into the lock.

Secure locking is achieved as follows:

Locking is achieved by inserting the designated key into the keyhole and turning the key through 90o in an anti-clockwise direction.
The anchor bolt is then extended by turning the handle which will expand the reinforced hooks to their fully thrown position.
Unlocking is achieved by inserting the designated key into the keyhole and turning the key through 90o in an anti-clockwise direction.
The anchor bolt is then withdrawn by turning the handle which will retract the reinforced hooks to their rest position.


Laminated and hardened hooks to resist cutting.
Reinforcing bolts to resist forced attack.
Unique magnetic locking system.
Locking arrangement designed to provide extended product life.
Reinforcing plates to provide added strength.
Anti-tamper device to prevent unauthorised removal.
Escutcheon designed to give positive key alignment.
Security fixings to prevent unauthorised removal.


Lock tested to a minimum of 500,000 key operations.
Handle and follower assembly tested to 1,000,000 operations.
Saw attack 10 minutes.
End load 13.5 KN.
Pull load 13.5 KN.

Additional features

Suitable for external and internal use.
Range of fixings including reinforcing plates and locking plates.
Available in alternative furniture finishes on request.
Can be keyed with 3G222 Deadbolt.
Gate boxes for steel door applications recommended.
Monitored versions available with micro-switch sensing of bolt position.
Single sided version available on request.

Materials and finishes

Lock case - carbon steel electro-plated.
Anchor bolt – stainless steel and carbon steel composite.
Hook bolts – hardened steel.
Escutcheons – brass.
Keys – brass.
Locking barrels – brass and stainless steel.

Dimensions and Weights

Lockcase Depth 171.5mm
Lockcase Length 114.2mm
Lockcase Width 21.5mm

Weight (lock only) 6.5Kg

Total Range

The lock is not handed, however for use on steel doors the short forend version should be ordered and for wooden doors the long forend version is recommended.

NOTE: CLCS recommend this lock is used in conjunction with a wooden door 54mm thick. Please contact CLCS for guidance if alternative wooden door thicknesses are required.

Fully dimensioned customer drawings are available on request to assist with door preparation