Latchbolt to provide electric lock / unlock of swinging cell doors. Lock is designed to accept an input signal from a third party access control system to energise and disengage the locking solenoid. The lock is fitted with a 5 lever anti-pick mechanism with a factory restricted key profile. The key is supplied to enable an override for the electric locking if power fails.

It is not anticipated that the override key will be used on a regular basis and the locking unit is tested to 60,000 key operations.


The 3L215 is a mortice lock of robust construction. The main bolt is automatically extended providing a throw of 25mm and electrically deadlocked when the main bolt is fully extended. The main bolt cannot be electrically locked back when fully withdrawn.

Electrical Mode: Deadlocking is achieved when the bolt is fully extended, and the solenoid locking bolt is engaged.

Unlocking by 24 Volt DC from an external source to energise (lift) the locking solenoid and withdrawing the bolt via the handle.

Solenoid is designed to be continuously energised to facilitate and maintain unlocking.

Mechanical Locking - Not available

Manual Override: In the event of power or communication failure an override key is used to lift (override) the electric locking unit.


Solid Case Technology - lock case machined from single piece carbon steel.
Steel main bolt, with carbide anti-cutting rollers and 25mm throw.
Unique single solenoid electric locking latch.
Independent 5-lever key override mechanism.
Factory restricted key section.
Lock provides status output of critical functions (bolt position and locking status).
Pick resistant mechanism with protective curtain.


Key override mechanism tested to min 60,000 operations.
Handle mechanism tested to min 150,000 bolt operations
Solenoid locking unit tested to min 500,000 cycles.
Solenoids designed to operate at +/-5% of 24V DC regulated supply.
Nominal operating current 250mA
Saw attack 12 hours
End load 8 KN
Side Load 15 KN

Handle and escutcheon design to suit customer requirements.
Optional integral reed switch to monitor door in frame status.
Range of fixings including gate box, locking plate and keeps.
Interchangeable mechanical override unit to enable re-coding.
Door cable available in 3M or 10M lengths (not supplied with lock)
other lengths can be supplied.
This lock is not available under a master key system.

Materials and Finishes

Lock case - carbon steel electro-plated.
Main bolt - carbon steel electro plated.
Keys - brass.

Total Range

The lock is handed and is available in RHR AND LHR variants. Suitable for steel or wooden doors and is particularly suitable for frame mounted applications.

Escutcheons are handed and the correct handing needs to be specified when ordering.