A robust high security padlock with aperture on the inside to engulf the staple of a padbar.


Body constructed from heavy case hardened carbon steel.
High resistance to force, torque, drill and cutting attacks.
Toughened steel vertical sliding shackle.
Shackle completely concealed when locked, making direct attack impossible.
Available with a choice of 3 locking systems: Ava 10 disc/ Biaxial/ 6 pin
Key retention mechanism prevents key from being removed whilst the padlock is unlocked.
Body is zinc plated to provide corrosion resistance.
This padlock can be master keyed.
Suitable for use with 7B018 padbar.


Tests perfromed and passed:

Impact force test
Pull test
Shear attack
Torque attack
Drill attack
Hacksaw attack


Body length - 107mm
Body width - 70mm
Body height - 49mm

Additional information

To be used in conjunction with 7B018 padbar
Supplied with 2 keys as standard
When purchasing more than one lock they can each have their own individual key code or share the same code.
Available master keyed (this allows each padlock to have its own key code and one master key which will open all locks).