To provide secure locking of swinging cell doors controlled by ATLAS® LCMS software or conventional key control when automatic deadlocking is a requirement. ATLAS® LCMS software provides a range of operating functionality which can be configured to suit each site.


The 4A79 is a surface mounted lock of robust construction, based on the Chubb Locks Custodial Services standard cell lock footprint. The main bolt is automatically extended providing a throw of 32mm and deadlocked on closure of door.

Electronic Mode

Deadlocking is achieved when the door is closed and the bolt fully extended. Unlocking is achieved by inserting an electronic token (key) into the lock. After authentication, an input signal is provided to life the blocking device and withdrawing the bolt via the handle. The bolt remains retracted when fully withdrawn and out of frame. The lock can also be configured to provide features such as an anti shut in and cell lock functions. Additionally, remote operation can be achieved via ATLAS® Client/Mimic PC.

Manual Mode

Locking/unlocking achieved using conventional (mechanical) key. Bolt withdrawl by handle. Key operates from corridor side only.

Manual Override

In the event of power or communication failure an override key is used to lift the electronic locking unit. Both keys are supplied to a different combination and are clearly identified.


Solid Case Technology; Lock case machined from single piece carbon steel.

Steel main bolt, with carbide anti-cutting rollers and 32mm throw.

Unique solenoid electric locking latch.

Visual lock status indication via LED.

Intelligent lock which will continue to operate in the absence of LCMS server.

Independent 7-lever locking mechanism.

Factory restricted key section.

Integral door in frame sensor.

5 bolt secure fixing.

Integral baffle arrangements to resist manipulation and interference via the keyhole.


Mechanical locking mechanism tested to a minimum of 100,000 operations.

Handle mechanism tested to a minimum of 300,000 bolt operations

Solenoid locking unit tested to a minimum of 1,000,000 cycles.

Solenoid arrangement designed to operate at +/-10% of 24V DC regulated supply.

Nominal operating current 500mA .

Saw attack 12 hours

End load 13.5 KN

Side Load 25 KN

Additional Features

Anti-Ligature handle and escutcheon design.

Range of fixings including backplates, stud fixings, locking plate and keeps.

Interchangeable mechanical inner locking unit to enable re-coding.

This lock is not available under a master key system.

Materials and Finishes

Lock case - carbon steel electro-plated and powder coated exterior.

Main bolt - carbon steel electro-plated.

Main bolt follower  - high tensile brass.

Keys - Hardened Steel

Levers and springs - Brass / phosphor Bronze.

Dimensions and weights

Case Height - 286mm
Case Length - 267mm
Case Thickness - 29mm
Bolt Throw - 25mm
Bolt Depth - 45mm
Bolt Thickness - 22mm

Weight (lock only) - 12.4kg

Total Range

The lock is available in left or right hand variants for opening in or opening out doors and can be fitted to steel or wooden doors.