Latch bolt lock to provide electric and mechanical locking / unlocking of swinging cell doors. The lock is designed to accept an input signal from a third party access control system to energise and disengage the locking solenoid and a Chubb 7 lever mechanical mechanism can also be used to both lock and unlock the 3L218. The lock provides a ‘Secure’ status output when the door is in frame and the latch bolt is extended and locked either mechanically or electrically.


The 3L218 is a morticed lock of robust construction. The latch bolt is automatically extended providing a throw of 25mm and electrically deadlocked when the latch bolt is fully extended and the door is in frame. The latch bolt cannot be locked back when fully withdrawn.

Electrical Mode

Locking is achieved when the door is closed and the latch bolt is fully extended and the solenoid locking bolt is engaged. Unlocking is achieved by 24 Volt DC supply from an external source to energise (lift) the locking solenoid and withdrawing the bolt via the handle.

The solenoid is designed to be continuously energised to maintain the unlocked state when the door is out of frame.

Mechanical Mode

Mechanical dead locking is achieved using a conventional Chubb mechanical key and 7 lever mechanical mechanism to engage a secondary deadlock when the main bolt is fully extended. Electric unlocking cannot be achieved while the mechanical locking mechanism is engaged.

Manual Override

In the event of power or communication failure an override key is used to override the solenoid locking bolt. Both keys, Mechanical and Override, are supplied to a different combination and are clearly identified.


Integral Door in Frame (DIF) sensor (typically 3 to 6mm working range.

Unique single solenoid electric locking latch.

Chubb 7-lever override and mechanical deadlock mechanism.

Factory restricted key section.

1 metre fly lead without connected socket.

Status output - secure/ insecure/ deadlocked.

Additional Features

Handle and escutcheon design to suit customer requirements (not supplied with lock as standard).

Door cable available in 3m or 10m lengths (not supplied with lock.

The lock can be supplied in groups keyed alike.

Material and Finishes

Lock case - carbon steel (to BS EN 10027-S275JO) with zinc plate finish

Lock cap - carbon steel (to BS EN 1083-C22E) with zinc plate finish

Lock forend - stainless steel (to BS EN 10088:1.4016 with natural finish

Latch bolt - carbon steel (to BS EN 10083-C22E) with zinc plate finish

Keys - mild steel (to BS EN 10083-C22E) with natural finish


Mechanical override mechanism tested to a minimum of 100,000 operations

Handle mechanism tested to a minimum of 100,000 bolt operations

Slam operations tested to a minimum of 300,000 operations

Solenoid locking unit tested to a minimum of 500,000 cycles

Main bolt saw attack 12 hours

End load 8 KN

Side Load 15 KN

Salt spray 96 hours

Temperature testing -20 degrees to +80 degrees C

Humidity testing 168 hours