ATLAS® - Access Control

The innovative Advanced Technology Lock Access System is CLCS's most technologically advanced locking system.

It is a high security, computer controlled electronic access system for prisons and other security establishments.

The system comprises intelligent electronic locks, micro-chipped keys called Tokens, a computer network with a server - which holds a database of the entire system - and client PC's which are used to operate the set up.This unique and revolutionary system provides complete control of locks and keys as well as reporting and audit trails of all activity within the installation.

Each Lock, Token and User of the system has a unique identity allowing ATLAS® to monitor all activity . Each lock is assigned a list of Tokens that are allowed to open it. In addition to this each Token has time periods set that determine when it will work. This means that even a correct Token can't open a lock outside its designated operating time unless these time periods are overridden by the control room staff.

The ATLAS® Tokens are micro-chipped and have a unique identity to the system which allows an individual Token or group of Tokens to be temporarily or permanently deleted from the system. This will instantly stop them from working in any lock. This prevents the security of the establishment being compromised if a Token is lost.



No risk of key compromise

Control room monitors progress of token through locks

Constant audit trail of token/lock activity

Tokens allocated to specific individuals

Control room aware of location of token by means of access trail - safer for officers

Ability to instantly disable locks or tokens from the control room, particularly in the case of exceptional incidents


Opportunity to assign tokens to specific locks, facilitating control, allowing efficient movement of specialist staff such as teachers/medical/religious staff within restricted areas via issue of a token

Ability to assign tokens to operate within specific time periods, within specific locks - matched to shift patterns or other requirements

Audit trail reporting assists Senior Management with planning and development.

Flexibility of the system enables establishment greater control and efficiency, implementing specifically required regimes


Much faster to move through the establishment

Faster response to alarms

Faster response to incidents via the control room, with the capacity to instantly isolate and lock down specific areas

Faster return to normal status following incidents, as areas can be re-enabled to normal routines remotely.


The ATLAS® system is the product of over ten years in research and development, in conjunction with establishments and has been successfully operating within establishments for many years.

The ATLAS® system has been designed to integrate seamlessly into an environment and to provide officers with increased safety and flexibility; to provide control room officers with remote functionality and to provide establishment management with the optimum level of reporting and statistical material, vital for successful operation.