ATLAS® Compact



System Overview

Combined server, client and hub in a single, wall mounted cabinet supporting up to TWENTY locks. The system can be expanded, where necessary, in modules of a further twenty locks.

For larger establishments CLCS would strongly advocate the installation of the full ATLAS® system, which is more suitable for such installations.

Features and Benefits


High strength Home Office Class I robust locks on all ATLAS® locked doors

Full UPS backup providing minimum three hours operation in the event of power failure

Audit trail of events at all ATLAS® doors

Time drive from GPS clock (can be integrated with other security systems)

Key override enabling full control of site if power and communications are interrupted long term

All locks can be mechanically locked to disable unlocking by electronic means

Automatic re-locking of doors when closed

Visual locking status by LED at each door

Interlocking of perimeter doors

Locking parameters can be programmed and established to suit a specific site or changing needs

Access permissions can be configured by user or location

Keys can be deleted if lost - no security compromise

Staff Benefits

Cell locks can be operated using one hand

Anti-shut in function to prevent accidentally lock -in

Will not lock out of frame unless anti-shut is selected.

Anti-ligature handle and escutcheon design.

Ergonomically designed handle for light and easy use - attractive yet functional aesthetic design.

Locking Functionality

Airlocks: the 3A63 lock is a Home Office Class I electronic lock which provides a high level of security and attack resistance when compared to the widely used electric strikes. In common with all CLCS electric locks, electric override and mechanical keys are supplied to provide a further layer of redundancy.

Cell Locks: the new 4A79 lock is based on the existing slam action Home Office Class I cell lock with similar functionality and added intelligence. Based on the Chubb Locks Custodial Services standard cell lock footprint, its basic operation is familiar to custody staff throughout the UK.

The main functional difference is that the lock has built in intelligence to verify access permission. Although the 4A79 is an electronic lock it is designed to be equally robust as the other range of 4L family cell locks produced by Chubb for over 40 years. Features CLCS pioneering solid case technology to create a highly accurate lock case machined from a solid block of steel.

The lock is operated using an electronic token which enables the custody staff to unlock and open the door using one hand. Custody staff recognise this as an important improvement which will help increase operational efficiency within a busy custody suite.

From a safety perspective, the lock cannot be deadlocked “out of frame” this is especially important when custody staff are dealing with an uncooperative detainee. If the lock is accidentally ‘fired’ before the door is secured, the bolt can be quickly withdrawn without needing to use a key.

The anti-shut in feature is designed to prevent accidentally locking of staff in the cell. This feature can be programmed through the system or invoked using the electronic token.


As with all ATLAS® systems, integration with third party Security Management Systems (SMS) or Building Management Systems (BMS) can be readily achieved.