Try our 3R63 in your pass door…. It’s equally as cost effective, more durable and more secure


The combined price of a 3G112 pass lock and a typical custodial electric release is the same as the price of our 3R63 electro-mechanical mortice pass lock.

So it’s the same price PLUS you get these added benefits……… surely you have to try it!

  • Superior operation compared to an electric strike under a static side load and superior strength under a dynamic impact load
  • Superior strength toCLCSNL3Pic2 a mag lock under dynamic impact load
  • The 3R63 has double solenoid technology making it extremely secure
  • Dual locking available with mechanical key to override electric locking
  • Micro switches for tamper and lock status monitoring
  • Optional anti-ligature furniture available
  • Handle operation from both sides or just one
  • Can be integrated within the custody access control
  • Electric override key in the event of power failure
  • Can be operated within an interlock environment