Great cheese comes from happy cows


Our past paves the way to our future. We are proud of our heritage, however, that was then.

This is now. Investing in people and transforming the workplace. Investing in automation, quick changeover technology, developing our production system, seamless flow, lean logistics, driving service and efficiencie.

CLCS, 47 people

ILS, 9 people

Pickersgill Kaye, 50 people

Behind the scenes, across the three businesses, we have 11 design engineers, 9 sales engineers, 11 installation engineers, 5 production engineers and 8 in customer services.

Fascinating facts….. well, we think they are!

On average our team manufacture 5000 + custodial locks a year

We supplied and fitted over 160 government accredited high security doors and locks in the past 12 months

Our team supplied and installed over 200 custodial doors in the past 12 months

180 new products were bought to market in the past 12 months