Did you know about some of our new products and new product features?


3R63 Mortice electro-mechanical pass lock

  • Can now be fitted with door in frame sensor
  • Plated double sided variant handle set
  • Single sided ‘T’ handle kit allowing use as a bedroom/cell door lock
  • Fire tested escutcheons

4L56 Mechanical slam action cell lock

  • Alternative finish available in RAL1001 (Beige)

3G317 Mortice deadlock

  • Nickel plated version
  • 3G317 with 3R63 type forend – to allow upgrade path (A dual purpose gate box and facia plates were also developed for this)

4L65P/037 Mechanical cell lock with privacy facility

  • Chamfered junior bolt version

4L78 Surface mounted electro-mechanical cell lock

  • Internal anti-ligature knobs

Coming to a secure establishment near you this October…

3H12 Deadbolt Lock

  • Morticed mechanical deadbolt lock
  • Suitable for use on swinging doors
  • Operable from one side or both
  • Chubb patented RKS restricted key section operates a replaceable 5 lever inner locking unit
  • Robust 20mm x 40mm bolt section with 25mm throw
  • 155mm x 165mm x 28mm carbon steel lockcase